Not Having an Online Business Presence

coffeeYou’re a business owner and you’re just about on your way to building your marketing material for your target market. The problem is, you don’t have a website yet.

While your competitors are smiling at their high profit rates, you are wondering why your coffee shop has only three to five visitors during the afternoon. Is it because of your coffee? It could be. Is it because you should add more pastries in your menu? It could be that too. But if you work closely on inspecting why this competitor of yours is all smiles, you should really evaluate the marketing aspects of why your business is not doing as well.

As you search online, you noticed that your competitor is running a website and other social media platforms. Their Facebook page has 100+ likes. Has a Yelp listing with 8 reviews. You have nothing. It becomes evident that this is definitely part of your problem. Maybe you didn’t realize the importance of being active online. Your lack of an online identity makes your business non-existent on a level just as important as word of mouth marketing. But don’t lose hope. Get started on social media accounts for your business, begin planning how you want to build a website and find a web hosting company to host your business site.

Every form of advertising comes with a cost. The good thing is that web hosting companies and other Internet service providers don’t charge a rate that is too high. A web hosting company will provide you with things you need to accomplish to be able to launch your business website. Keep in mind that your domain name is a big factor when it comes to your business. You can optimize your website to make a sound presence online. You should search or evaluate effective domain names for your business website. Your web hosting company can register your domain for you or you can use any domain registrar service. Once your domain name has been purchased your web hosting account can be setup and you can being creating your website with WordPress.

BlueHost is a Great Deal

BlueHost opens its doors to over twenty-thousand new customers each and every month, which says a lot about them as a web hosting company. Thousands of small businesses use BlueHost today for their shared hosting and VPS needs. BlueHost is one of the few reliable and reputable hosting companies offering unlimited hosting with several perks and benefits all at rock bottom pricing.

bluehost-dealWith BlueHost, new customers can save quite a bit of money on their shared hosting service. There are no hidden fees or setup fees and customers are given the anytime money back guarantee. BlueHost has maintained amazing satisfaction with its customers, making them one of the best go to web hosting companies in the market today.

BlueHost offers its customers with Simple Scripts, the one-click installation platform which is home to over three hundred web scripts. With this amazing software, you will be able to install blogging platforms, forums, online shopping carts and more within seconds.

To get started today, just take advantage of their latest deal and you’ll receive a free domain for the first year. One thing you should keep in mind is that there is no need to enter a special BlueHost coupon code, as the promo price will be automatically applied when you sign up through a special link. For nearly two decades, they’ve had a proven track record for providing unbeatable web hosting services for both personal and business customers from around the world.

Fresh Headline Tips to Hook Attention Faster

Most headlines that you see today might not interest you at all. But, some headlines do. When you read a newspaper this morning, you don’t read every article in that newspaper. Why? That’s because some of them are interesting to read while some are not. What makes an article interesting to read? It’s because of the headline. This it applies to other promotional materials in your Internet business too. Mastering the art of writing compelling headline is definitely a must for every online entrepreneur. Here are five headline tips to hook attention faster:

1. Know what triggers your audience

When you know what triggers your audience, it is easy to grab their attention with your headline. For instance, if you’re writing your headline for people who have a chronic asthma problem, then what will you write in your headline? First, you have to know what triggers your audience. It is their chronic asthma problem and their desire to be free from it. So, in your headline, you can include these triggers: their chronic asthma problem and the solution to be free from this condition. Example: “How to Be Free From Your Chronic Asthma Problem in 30 Days or Less”.

2. Address your audience

By addressing your headline to your audience, they will give their attention more to you. Most marketers are constantly utilizing this method, and it is known that this method works effectively to pull readers interest manifold. Before your main headline, you can write: “Attention Asthma Sufferers…” By addressing your audience like this, you will be able to grab their attention right from the start.

3. Be specific

What do you want your audience to benefit from you? Your headline needs to be as specific as possible. Why? That’s because the more specific your headline, the more interesting it will be. If you put a headline “How to Cure Asthma”, it will be interesting enough for your audience, but it won’t create much interest. But, if you write “How to Be Free From Your Chronic Asthma Problem in 30 Days or Less” it will be many times more interesting for your audience.

4. Invoke reader’s curiosity

Why do you want your readers to be curious with your headline? That’s the way you attract their interest. When you invoke your reader’s curiosity, you can immediately grab their attention while persuading them to read the rest of your copy. How can you invoke reader’s curiosity in your headline? You can do it by posing a question. For instance: “Why You Fail Miserably in Affiliate Marketing.” This is a good headline that can invoke your curiosity to find out more information about it. Give this headline to a frustrated affiliate marketer who has spent more than $1,000 without result and you’ll catch his or her attention immediately.

5. Know who your audience is

If you know your audience, it will be easier for you to write a compelling headline for them. You have to understand who they are and what their problem is. Writing headlines for a group of people with financial problems will be different from writing headlines for a group of golf enthusiasts.

Follow these tips and you’ll come up with a better headline that will pull your reader’s attention faster. You’ll get faster result, more sales, and more credibility.

An Ideal Web Hosting Provider

There are unlimited sources of web hosting providers online. You could just pick one and be ready to create your website. However, without checking out the web hosting company’s background you may end up dissatisfied with their services. So, what are the ideal traits of a web hosting provider?

percentage1. Customer Retention

Web hosting companies that have a large amount of customers that have stayed with them year after year are usually reliable. This is a good sign that the customers are happy with their web hosting.

2. Customer Satisfaction

Listening to the specific needs of each and every customer is the best way to provide quality services to them.

3. No Downtime

If your website is down your potential customers will just move on to some other company’s site. You want to make sure that your web host doesn’t have a bad history of downtime and guarantees at least a 99.9% level of uptime.

You can refer to reviews of hosting providers posted online and referrals from your friends or colleagues too. Do all your research and also look for coupons and discounts on web hosting along the way.